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Interesting facts about wooden barrels

  A barrel is any wooden vessel for fermenting, aging or transporting wine, but how many types are there? Barrel is the generic name given to any wooden container, cylindrical and domed, in which the wines or distillates are introduced for its elaboration (fermentation) or aging (aging). Remember that Wine Barrels can easily help you give this old western feeling to any area of the house and you can rent them or buy them today….

Natural Eyelashes, Vegan Eyelashes
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Ten makeup tricks that you won’t find anywhere else

  The makeup tricks that professionals do not want to tell you, you’ll learn them here to combine them with our vegan eyelashes. You can achieve the look you always wanted and have peace of mind knowing you are not contributing with an industry that tests its products on animals. Vegan eyelashes such as the ones provided by Tigress Beauty will become your favourite option to complement any elegant outlook you choose. Contact us today!…

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Types of lighting in photography

    We want you to have all the necessary information to understand the world of photography. We will approach in depth the lighting and all the elements that are part of it. Lighting is one of the biggest challenges that every photographer face, whether you are learning or even if you have spent time dedicating yourself to photography, without light there is no good photograph. You must know how to handle it since it…

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Helping you buy the right type of shoes

While your taste for shoes does not reach the extremes, there is nothing to worry about. In the meantime, learn to choose the right shoes and be satisfied with quality. Answer yes or no to each of the following situations: It is hard for you to decide which shoes to wear each morning. You trust that your shoes are responsible for your great look. You have three pairs of black boots: some with zipper, others…

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Some things that you did not know about shoes

The shoes are probably the piece of wardrobe that has evolved the most throughout history. Far away are the men dressed in high heels to highlight their calves – and make them more masculine – at the time of Louis XIV in France. Or the chopines used in the Venice of the sixteenth century that, with platforms of up to 70 centimetres, required the help of servants to be able to walk. Even the idea…