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While your taste for shoes does not reach the extremes, there is nothing to worry about. In the meantime, learn to choose the right shoes and be satisfied with quality.

Answer yes or no to each of the following situations:

  • It is hard for you to decide which shoes to wear each morning.
  • You trust that your shoes are responsible for your great look.
  • You have three pairs of black boots: some with zipper, others with golden heels and some with spring. Although everyone says they are identical, you see them differently, clearly.
  • You cannot imagine wearing the same shoes two days in a row.
  • The difference between stilettos, pumps and wedges is very clear, everyone notices, right?
  • In your bag you carry a healing kit with adhesive tape, band-aids, cotton, foot cream, etc.
  • You have or are about to buy the famous Louis Vuitton red soles.
  • You always have the ideal shoes for parties, walks, work, a casual outing …

All you have to know to choose the right shoes:

If you answered YES to at least five situations, we regret to tell you that you have an addiction to shoes. But do not worry, the culprit that your fortnight vanishes in shoes and that your need to buy boots, sandals, heels and so on is your brain. Especially an area of ​​the prefrontal cortex of the brain called “collection point”. At that point in the brain we usually keep information about what we are passionate about, for example, the taste for shoes. These are a collector’s item, so that by liking ourselves so much, being “easy” to acquire and knowing that they can be collected it is normal for someone to buy a pair, then two and thus increase the figure to be a very large number of pairs of shoes.

An addiction is not healthy; However, this can be corrected, that is, perhaps with some purchase advice we can overcome this hobby for shoes and thus acquire only those necessary. For this you must know some basic rules and useful tips so you can save and have style at the same time.

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All you have to know to choose the right shoes

Know your foot

It is necessary that you know the dimensions of your foot. From the thickness to the length. Recharge yourself to the wall and with a flexometer measure the exact size of the foot, that’s the number you should buy, maybe you could add half a centimetre. If your foot is chubby it increases one or two centimetres more. With a tape measure you can measure the thickness, consider this so you can wear shoes with the instep wide enough so you can walk better and not hurt. Also consider what kind of footfall you give. Sometimes the foot is flat and your footprint will be somewhat hard, if you have the heel inwards, the soles are worn more than one side and if you have very pronounced the arch the shoes could hurt the instep.

Make an analysis of your activities

You work, you study, you exercise, you walk a lot, you go out after a party, you usually walk in your work … Everything must be considered. Then you can decide which shoes are the ones that fit you and which ones you should use. The most common are:

  • Exercise: tennis
  • Work: stilettos / flats
  • Hikes: boots
  • Parties: wedges
  • Sunday outings: casual tennis
  • Cold: boots
  • Heat: sandals

Consider the materials

Make sure they are quality materials that guarantee the perspiration of the foot. Sometimes the synthetic footwear keeps more heat and fungi can be created in the folds of the foot, in the same way, it is recommended that the seams or joints be more natural and with synthetic threads, otherwise they could cause wounds and lacerations in the skin.

Try them before paying them

As soon as you put them on, take a few steps with them. On the inside they should have some padding to make sure you take a firm and smooth step. This material should absorb sweat and keep the foot cool. In the same way, they should feel firm as much as possible. The material will be damaged with use and may become flaccid. If the material is rigid without being hard, they will last much longer.

Learn to combine them

You do not need huge amounts of shoes. Buy clothes depending on the shoe and vice versa. That is, if you already have certain types of shoes, the right thing to do is to buy clothes that you know will look good on them. If the case is the other way around and you look for shoes for a very specific type of clothing, the best thing is that you choose a pair that goes with several outfits. You do not need to change shoes every day and if you wish, with some pairs it is enough to combine and change as the week goes by.

It is believed that having about 20 pairs of shoes is a normal amount; however, 40 could already be considered a little more than simple taste, it is a fascination, but more than 50 is an obsession and help is required. This can affect the economy and the personal and professional development of some person. While the taste for shoes does not reach the extremes, there is nothing to worry about. In the meantime, learn to choose the right shoes and be satisfied with quality.

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Author: Editorial Team