Some things that you did not know about shoes


The shoes are probably the piece of wardrobe that has evolved the most throughout history. Far away are the men dressed in high heels to highlight their calves – and make them more masculine – at the time of Louis XIV in France. Or the chopines used in the Venice of the sixteenth century that, with platforms of up to 70 centimetres, required the help of servants to be able to walk. Even the idea that to be sexy you need a pair of good heels we start to be something distant and quite old.

Firms such as Céline, Prada or Gucci have helped to reinvent the female shoemaker by giving priority to comfort. The shoes that define our era are, without a doubt, the sneakers and the models of fey airs (with hair on the heel or heel of grandmother) rewrite the idea of ​​femininity. It would probably be easier to know a society or a social group by analysing only their shoes than by looking at their suits. It is still easy to find the famous shoeshine boys or bowlers in the streets; do we know any other garment that has a specialist on the street only to clean it?

Many men consider that they say more of their shoes than their cars,” says the expert in personal image. “They invest huge amounts of money, especially in sports shoes, better if it is a collection signed by a famous athlete.

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There is so much that can be said about shoes, that accessory of fashion that obsesses us so much has to do with the various curiosities on the subject of events, the issue of rights and safety.

  • You could imagine that making a shoe can be simple, but in reality there are some designs that require more than 100 processes and hours of manufacture, although it does not seem that way.
  • The red colour has something important in the shoes, the results between the 16th and 17th century the heels were always red, like the shoes of the ladies of the court of the Chinese emperors.
  • The first images of shoes that have been found are paintings of cave paintings in the Spanish ones, reason why the invention of the shoes can be attributed to them.
  • In antiquity there was no gender differentiation in the shoes, men and women wore the same, which is what it is to do today with fashion; On the other hand, when he started to have a category and a woman.
  • The shoes had no right to the left, both had the same shape and became one for each foot until 1818 in Philadelphia, United States.
  • The carvings did not exist until 1324 when King Edward II declared the size of each shoe.
  • We all remind Cinderella and one of the iconic objects of this movie are the glass shoes, we recorded the scene in the prince puts the shoe on his foot and it is so in the Middle Ages have the tradition of putting a shoe to the girlfriend indicating that this was now his.
  • The heels used to be worn by men and by practice Can you imagine? Afterwards it took place was carried out in the 16th century the ladies of high society took their heels as high as out of life.
  • Something we do not know is that during our adult life is that our shoe size can increase up to one and a half sizes, this is due to several factors such as aging, pregnancy, surgeries or weight changes.
  • Are you addicted to buying shoes? this addiction has something behind, according to Suzanne Ferriss editor Footnotes: in the shoes the addiction of the woman in the store in the prefrontal area, as a piece of the collection this is estimated your brain and that’s why you want to buy them
  • Dreaming of shoes represents the focus of your life, if you dream that you are wearing your feet on the ground, on the other hand, if you dream that you are barefoot, it may be that your self-esteem is low or that you have little confidence in yourself.

Audrey Hepburn, the first to wear loafers.

In the film “Funny Face”, in 1957, Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of black leather Ferragamo loafers. At that time, it caused a furore, the diva was the first to wear the moccasins of men and, according to the Wall Street Journal, since then the loafers became fashionable and the diva was copied by many women.

Andy Warhol, the inspiration for Louboutin’s famous red sole.

In 1993, Louboutin was inspired by the drawing “Flowers” by Warhol, to design a new shoe. With the sample ready, he realized that something was missing, he was not completely satisfied with the result. Suddenly, he saw his assistant nearby who was painting his nails with a red enamel. He grabbed the enamel and painted with it the sole of the black shoe. He was so delighted that he decided to put all his shoes with bright red soles.

The crisis led Salvatore Ferragamo to create the cork platform.

During the 1940s, Ferragamo could not buy steel for its tacos, due to economic sanctions against Italy. He had no choice but to look for other materials, this is how he decided to try pieces of Sardinian cork, cut them and stick them one by one. Soon after, the cork platforms would become one of the most used shoes.

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Author: Editorial Team