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A barrel is any wooden vessel for fermenting, aging or transporting wine, but how many types are there? Barrel is the generic name given to any wooden container, cylindrical and domed, in which the wines or distillates are introduced for its elaboration (fermentation) or aging (aging). Remember that Wine Barrels can easily help you give this old western feeling to any area of the house and you can rent them or buy them today. Contact us for more information.

There are barrels of very different qualities, which can be classified following a multitude of criteria: depending on the processes and woods used in their manufacture, the number of vintages in which they have been in service, their capacity, etc.

It is also called a barrel or drum, although these terms are used more to designate the container (wood or not) that stores other products than wine and spirits. In terms of sizes, there is also a great diversity. In general terms, regardless of size, all wooden containers are called barrels, which in turn can be classified as:

  • Barrels or vats would be those that can move or move and are likely to be stacked horizontally in rows, one above the other (e.g. Bordeaux barrel, bocoy, kite, etc.).
  • On the contrary we denominate tubs, vats or fudres to which they are very large, that remain fixed to the ground in vertical position and do not move.

A barrel is formed by staves that bulge and join with iron rings to form a convex cylinder, closing both ends with circular tops. At least it is left a gap for filling or refilling, operations that are carried out after extracting the plug of the barrel that can be made of wood, glass, mud, or silicone.

Barrels can also be classified according to their degree of roasting, which influences the aroma and flavour of the wines. The wood of the barrels gives way during the aging part of its nature to the wine with the intention of improving its organoleptic properties.

Bordeaux barrel sizes

The Bordeaux barrels are found in capacities of: 190 litres, 225 litres, 250 litres, 300 litres, 400 litres, 500 litres and 650 litres. The most used is 225 litres.

The boots are very similar to the barrels, they are usually larger, they also tend to have more metal straps. We can find boots with a capacity of up to 1500 litres, but there are also 250 litres, the most used in its type.

The oval barrels or kites are small and with little capacity, they are used to serve the wine without bottling, we find them in taverns or in houses, some with bases and others without them. Its capacity can go from 1 litre to 36 litres.

Tinos, fudres or vats are the largest of all, it does not have the oval shape that the common barrel usually has, and they usually have a wider background than the other (troncoconic). The vats are used to hold copious quantities of wine, and often wine is also vinified or made in the same vat. The vats are found in capacities ranging from 1,000 l. up to 50,000l.

Ideas for decorating with barrels

The barrel is one of the decisive factors in the taste of wine. It is where it rests before being bottled, where it oxygenates, softens and acquires the notes of wood and toast, which it absorbs from the barrel. The most precious wood to make barrels of wine is the French oak, from where most barrels are imported and one of the reasons why the cooperages are disappearing progressively in Spain.

Each barrel can reach up to 40 years in the function of sedimenting the wines, but only between 6 and 12 years to oxygenate them. From wanting to give another life to these beautiful pieces of noble wood came the idea of ​​making furniture with barrels of wine.

So, pay attention, we give you some ideas to decorate your house with recycled wine barrels.

  1. From a wine barrel to a table: it is the most common use for a barrel of recycled wine, since the surface of its lid is large enough to make the barrel a high table to enjoy a standing aperitif.
  2. From a wine barrel to an ice bucket: with a barrel cut in half and a simple foot to raise it from the ground we can create an original ice bucket to keep drinks fresh in our big celebrations. It’s not original?
  3. From wine barrel to a gardener: With the other half that remained of the barrel, after having made the ice bucket, we can easily invent a planter to put very happy flowers at the entrance of the house. It will give a rustic touch to the decoration.
  4. From a wine barrel to dog bed: If you are one of those who love your pets more than yourself, this idea will enchant you. With half a large barrel, as there are different sizes, you can make a bed for your pet. You only need a saw to cut the shape, a sandpaper to polish the finishes and a layer of varnish if you want to protect the wood.
  5. From a wine barrel to baby crib: if you can make a bed for your dog, why not make a baby crib? It is very simple and really original. You will have to sand to renew the wood from the inside of the barrel and varnish it to protect and isolate the wood. Done this, with good braided ropes and good rivets, you will have a cradle, a swing for your baby.
  6. From a wine barrel to a decorative lamp: This particular idea is excellent, what a more interesting way to give charm to the night! Trace the drawing with the shape you want on the wood and with a drill you see it piercing it as if it were a dashed line. Put a good bulb inside and … Voilà! the magic was done.

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